Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas #2 Erin's Family

I had mentioned yesterday that this past weekend we packed up the truck and headed south for Christmas with Erin's family. We had a great time and from the start it was filled with excitement! We arrived on Friday night and got settled into Erin's brothers new house where we received a very nice dinner made by Erin's sister in-law. We had to eat quick because soon after relatives from Erin's Dad's side of the family were coming over to the house to celebrate Christmas. It was the first Christmas celebration for her brother in his new house.

The party was fun and lasted until about 10pm before we all went to bed and waited for Santa to make a special off-course New England visit. We woke up early, about 6:30am when Lily got up. I took a shower and then we went downstairs to open presents! Erin's family had done up stockings and everything for us and Lily had an obscene amount of presents! Prior to our trip I had told Erin to tell her family not to get so much stuff because we simply don't have the room for it where we live and of course that didn't happen. We got more stuff this year than any other year! It was crazy.

Erin's brothers Christmas tree with all of the gifts under it
Erin's brother with Lily and Erin's Dad
Lily bouncing with little cousin Hayley!
Lily and Hayley playing on the floor
Hayley smiling at the camera while Lily is saying Whoaa what!?
After our Christmas celebration in the morning we had a nice breakfast made by Erin's brother and then we went to Erin's grandmothers house in the afternoon to help her bake cookies. This is a tradition in Erin's family and it's pretty neat. It definitely makes Grandma happy and it's a lot of fun for everyone. We made dozens of cookies and brought several back with us when we came home. After we made cookies we went to Erin's parents house for dinner. I had to bundle up in my thick warm socks and sweatshirts before we went because it's so cold in there house! Her Dad did get the fireplace going though which warmed up the living room quite a bit. We had a good time and Erin's mother made a really nice dinner for us to eat.

Presents under the tree when we got up Saturday morning!
Our stockings filled and on the couches
Erin's brother and his wife with Lily opening gifts
Me opening a present from Erin's family
Erin opening one of Lily's gifts with her
Opening a gift to all of us from Erin's family
Lily anxious to get into that stocking!
Lily and Grandma taking a nap on the couch
After dinner at Erin's parents we went back to Erin's brothers house and layed low for the night. I didn't sleep well either night and that's not abnormal, I do the same thing when we go to my folks house. If it's not my bed I don't sleep well. When we got up in the morning we had breakfast and hung around until it was time to head over to Erin's grandmothers house for lunch. She made a ham for dinner and it was really good. I can't take a lot of big portions when I go to her house though because I'm allergic to country crock butter which she uses in her potatoes and it's not fun. I'd like to eat more but it is what it is.

Baking cookies at Grandma's
Lily helping out with the cookie marking
Once lunch was over we packed the truck up and headed back home. We don't get down there often and Erin would like to more but with our work schedule it's just impossible. With my full-time schedule people can either come see us during the year or only expect to see us once or twice. It's so hard to take time off because I need to save every bit of time I get so that we can have a summer and go camping. We're in the process of planning next summers trips and it's looking like we're going to be able to do everything we want! I hope everyone had a good day yesterday and a Merry Christmas!

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