Monday, November 12, 2012

Hate Free Zone

The past few years you've heard me come out and say that I believe the blogging community is a Hate Free Community! As much as I believe that to be true we all have to understand that there are going to be haters out there and they have rights to. As much as we may not agree with that - it's true. We put our content on the web and people have the right to say whatever they want about it. That doesn't mean that we can't stand together and today that's what I'm proposing! I'm declaring this blog to be a Hate Free Zone today! What does that mean? That means that will not accept hate! I will not hate on others and I won't allow others to hate through comments on this blog. If people choose to ridicule and criticize this blog on public forums, other websites, etc that's their choice and their right but hate comments will not be accepted here. This blog will be known as a Hate Free Zone and I encourage you to attach the button to your blog and link up at the bottom if you'd like to consider your blog a Hate Free Zone as well!
This all came to light over the weekend while I was away on my trip when I noticed through my twitter feed that several bloggers that I follow were being cyber bullied on the web. I was directed to a web forum that attacked one blogger and through that forum I found another that attacked another blogger I follow. The attacks consisted of rude, condescending, and flat out disrespectful comments towards these two bloggers. When I found the website I browsed it for a bit and found that there are several blogs I follow on there, it's a website where people literally tear blogs a part. As I read more I thought about how hurtful some of the comments were and then I thought about my blog and how eventually I'll probably pop up in a hate forum.

After several minutes of browsing and letting the comments cross my mind I came to a realization. I realized that as bloggers we should expect criticism, even the most hurtful of comments. It may not make us feel good from time to time but we need to get over that. Don't get me wrong either, I'm not saying these types of inappropriate comments are okay but what I am saying is that we need to deal with them. Think about this, when we sign a contract for a job we're signing a contract that says I'll do this job and I'll accept everything that comes along with it, the good, the bad and the ugly. As bloggers, essentially we're doing the same thing. When we made the choice to put our lives on the internet we made the choice to accept everything that comes along with it. We can't discriminate, we can't only be happy with the nice comments and the friends we make because there are going to be times where people call you out, where people attack you, where people tear you a part and you'll have enemies. That's life, that's not just blogging.

Sooner or later we're all going to have to accept criticism, it's going to happen. Even the worlds greatest humanitarians are criticized. It's going to hurt but there's one of two ways to look at it. You can walk around and mope about it or you can look at it as a positive thing. In the world of business bad publicity is still good publicity and the same can be said for this. If your blog is being criticized on some website or forum you're probably benefiting from that. Check your numbers, they're probably going up and I guarantee you that all of those people who stop by don't have the same opinions as the few people degrading your blogs. Life is about give or take and if we give some we need to learn to take some. Good people are ridiculed and criticized every single day. I consider myself a good person and I take scrutiny each and every day in my line of work, it's a part of life.

That all being said, I don't agree with these hate forums but I can't blame them for what they're doing either. I don't think it's right but that's my right. They may not think this blog post is right, they may not think my blog is right, and they may not think your blog is right but you know what, as people that's their right. I have the right to sit here and point the finger at them and say I can't believe you have the free time in the day to just rag on other bloggers but you know what? They have the right to sit on their forum and say the same thing about me and blogging. If I wrote a post about Lily and they saw me as a bad parent for doing so then they have every right to say whatever they want about that - as bad and as hurtful as it may come off. They have that right just as I have the right to post it. As bloggers, WE decided to accept everything that came along with blogging when we signed up for that account. The second we started putting our lives on the internet we agreed to accept the good comments and the bad.

Let's be real, as our blogs grow there's going to be hate. Now's the time if you haven't already experienced ridicule to make the choice. Think it through, think long and hard because if you don't now you may do something you regret when that first thread about your blog starts on that forum. One of the bloggers I follow decided that she was going to be done blogging because of it. What does that mean? It means the hate group won. If you're going to quit once someone degrades you and your material then you might as well stop blogging now because a new blog will be on that forum tomorrow, another blog next week, and the week after that. Heck, my blog will be on there eventually. Something was said in those threads though that struck me and I agree with it. As bloggers, we need to have thick skin and we need to be able to accept the criticism and not just the good. Whoever made that comment hit it on the button. They're exactly right! People are going to hate and you have the choice - quit something you have a passion for because of some critics or blog on. My thoughts? Don't let down your sponsors, followers, and friends because a few people put a sour taste in your month. Don't give it up because someone doesn't like you. We all have rights to say what we want to say, let these people say what they want to say, it's their right! Use YOUR right to make YOUR blog a Hate Free Zone, keep up the good work and blog on!

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