Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's Been Busy

It's been a busy week since we've been back from Florida. The weather has been nice despite a few cold days and I've been setting up a lot of appointments in preparation for the official move to our new house. This week I had an exterminator come in to fog the house for fly's which we had upstairs in numbers. On Friday, I have the gutter company coming to put gutters on the house. We decided early on that this would be an investment that we couldn't pass up. It's important to me that we keep water away from the house, deck, and garage. Finally, on Saturday morning the cable company will be coming to install our cable, internet, and phone.
We've been doing doors, trim, and walls and this has been the result.
This weekend we'll celebrate Easter with Lily and next weekend Erin will take Lily down to visit her folks while I meet up with my Dad to continue painting the house. So far, we've made a lot of progress but we need to keep plugging away. We only really have two weekends left until the big move. Really, next weekend is going to be important. We're going to have to get the bulk of the work done. I plan to do a little this weekend in preparation but the hard part will be the ceilings. We've made our way past the bedrooms and down the hallway, but now we need to do the living room/dining room and kitchen. We also have the stairwell which could be a lot of work.

If you wish to help us paint, let me know!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Walt Disney World

Last week we traveled to Florida for a much needed get away to Walt Disney World! This marked the second time I've ever been to Disney World; however, the first time I was only in the fifth grade and we only got to see one park. Honestly, I don't even remember the experience which made this trip that much more special. We never really sat down to plan this trip, it was just one of those spur of the moment things where one day I said, "let's go to Disney World!" Actually, and if you've been reading the blog than you probably already know this, but the original plan was to just go visit one of my uncles who lives down near Hollywood. Instead, when we found out he was busy, the Disney idea came to life!
We arrived on Tuesday night and took the Disney Magical Express shuttle from the airport to our Disney Resort, Pop Century. The resort was absolutely gorgeous, everything you'd expect a Disney resort to be. It was large, it had several pools, a great dining facility, an arcade, a store and much more. The rooms were clean, decent sized, and had full bathrooms. Each room also came with a safe to store personal items if you didn't feel comfortable leaving them out during the day. Once we checked in, we went down to the dining area to have dinner. Through our Disney package we purchased the meal plan which worked out great! It gave us each two meals a day and two snacks a day with unlimited drinks. The meals, park passes, room keys, and everything you can possibly think of, even our credit card was all programmed into our Magic Bands which simply looks like a watch and goes on your wrist. We literally didn't have to bring anything other than that to the parks and if we wanted to purchase something they would ship it back to our room so that we didn't have to carry anything around!
Hollywood Studios
We went to bed after our meal so that we could get up early and head to our first destination, Epcot! Epcot was fun. We started the day doing the Test Track which is the fastest ride in all of Disney World. It was a blast, it was so much fun that we did it two more times throughout the day. We walked through the World Showcase and went on just about all of the rides in the park before the day was through. At night, we were treated to a fabulous fireworks show over the lagoon.
Magic Kingdom
On Thursday, we went to Hollywood Studios. Now, if you do what we did and stay in a resort, the transportation to and from all of the parks including Downtown Disney is absolutely free. I mean, you pay for it with your total purchase, but there's no need to worry about walking or paying on site. You buy a Disney package and once you're there you're all set. Hollywood Studios was a lot of fun and maybe my favorite. I especially liked all of the stunt shows. They have several a day and they really take you behind the scenes and show you how films are made; however, they do it in real life, right in front of you, which makes it that much better. They have some fun rides as well! We went on the Rock'n Roller Coaster which was absolutely insane! It wasn't like most roller coasters where you simply go up and then drop. No, this shot you like a cannon from the start. You literally sit in your seat and it shoots you like a bullet. It goes upside down and around and you're going over 50mph. The ride is so fast that it's over before you can even blink and best of all, it's all in the dark! The one ride we didn't do, probably the most popular in the park, was Tower of Terror. I actually wanted to do it but Erin had a bad experience on it when she was a kid so she decided not to do it. I wasn't going to do it if she didn't so we skipped out on that and did other things. At night, we left to go to Downtown Disney for dinner before returning to Hollywood Studios for a spectacle of a fireworks show called Fantasmic!
Animal Kingdom
On Friday, we went to Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is great because it's what you think of when you think Disney World. It's the home of Cinderella's Castle and all of the other magical places of Disney. This was my first time actually seeing Cinderella's Castle as the last time I was there it was covered like a birthday cake for Disney's 25th Anniversary. We had a blast. We met up with one of our friends who works there and he said that there were over 60,000 people in the park that day. Magic Kingdom was definitely the busiest park of the week as we expected it would be and it's easy to see why. There's just so much to do and it hosts some of Disney's best rides like Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Space Mountain, all of which were a blast! We did Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain several times. We also did what some call the most famous ride in the park, It's a small world! At night, we were lucky enough to get some of the best seats in the park for Wishes Nighttime Spectacular and fireworks display. We sat directly in front of the castle on a bench near the flower garden where Walt Disney is holding Mickey's hand. It was one of the greatest experiences!
Pool at the Pop Century Resort
Photo from the Safari at Animal Kingdom
Parade at Magic Kingdom
The plan Saturday was to spend the day at Animal Kingdom; however, we changed our minds mid morning. It was going to be our last day in Florida so we decided to do some rides in the morning and then go back to the resort to sit by and use the pool. The weather was nice and it ended up being a great idea! Later in the day, I met up with one of my Uncle's who works at Disney World and we went out to dinner. It was good to see him as I haven't seen him in almost twenty years. After dinner, we went on a few more rides in Animal Kingdom and then returned to the resort to have a snack and sit by the pool. They were showing the movie Frozen on a blowup screen. After that, we went to bed. We had to be up at 3:00am to meet the Magical Express which was taking us back to Orlando International Airport.
Fireworks at Magic Kingdom
Overall, the trip was fantastic. My one argument as is everyones, it just wasn't long enough. The good thing though is that now that I've done everything and know how everything works, the next trip will be a piece of cake. We had a fabulous travel agent and I couldn't have been happier with the transportation, the resort, or the magic bands. Disney really knows how to treat their guests and that's a quality that's not always easy to find. I definitely look forward to doing more Disney trips in the future!

Have a magical day!
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