Thursday, October 8, 2015

Worried but Excited about Disney!

In a few weeks we will surprise Lily with her first Disney vacation during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! The big question has been, is she ready? Honestly, I don't know. In July, I thought she was but some days I don't. She can be well behaved some days and other days she can an absolute nightmare. The more I talk with people and see various child-related social media posts, the more I realize it's just the age but I won't lie to say I'm worried about this trip, more so than I was two months ago.

We took her to the fair this week and it didn't go well. She wasn't well behaved at all and it was just one of those days. After a few days of reflection I told Erin last night I believed we caused a lot of the problem. I've said all along that if we take Lily to Disney we have to make the trip about her. We've had our fun it's time for her to have hers. I forgot that when we took her to the fair. We only spent a limited amount of time at the rides and a limited amount of time at the children's entertainment. We tried to show her all of the animals, Erin tried to get into the exhibits, and I tried to eat a lot of fair food! Bottom line, we didn't plan it well. If I could do it again, I would have done more stuff catered toward Lily's interests. After all, when was she best at the fair? When we allowed her to do and see the things she wanted. We tried to push the animals on her and she just wasn't interested.

Looking forward to taking Lily to Main Street U.S.A. for the very first time!
When we've gone to Story Land and places like that the difference has always been that we made the day about her. At the fair, we failed to do that which made her frustrated which in turn made us frustrated. Instead of leaving the fair super excited we all left with some negative feelings towards the day. That shouldn't have happened. As we do with anything else though, we'll learn from it and move on.

Though I'm worried about Disney to some extent, I believe we have a good game plan going in which will make it much better than the fair. First of all, it's Disney. We love Disney, Lily loves Disney, how can you go wrong there? Second, it's a surprise. Lily has no idea this is coming so when she wakes up and we say let's go see Mickey that will set a good tone for the week. Third, we know every inch of Disney property and Disney parks. In many ways, we're veterans of Disney and knowing that is very comforting knowing we're taking our child for the very first time. Finally, it all goes back to what I said and we can't forget it. The trip is about Lily.We've been many times, we've had our fun. It's time to make the fun about Lily and share in it with her and not try to make it the other way around.

Despite some of those worries, I very much am looking forward to this!
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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Some negative but a lot of positive!

This weekend was one of the most frustrating in a long time for me. As you've probably read by now I got stopped for speeding on Friday and then on Saturday while I was mowing the lawn the spring on my deck snapped off causing that to go nutty and to top it off my phone stopped working.

Luckily, I was able to get the phone back up and running but man it was just one of those weekends, one thing after another. Despite the negative though, there was a great deal of positive. Obviously, when things don't seem to be going right the negative out weighs the positive but sometimes when you stop and think you realize it wasn't so bad. That's the power of typing this post!

A photo from our hike on Sunday afternoon
I got the yard mowed, despite the issue, and I was able to clean the yard up for winter. We got everything in winter storage a long with winterizing the camper. I even had the chance to put some fall fertilizer on the lawn which will hopefully help to get my lawn back to tip top shape in the spring. On Sunday, we went hiking in the morning and stopped off for Cider Donuts in the afternoon.

I also want to mention, if you didn't see it already at, I made the annual leeib donations to breast cancer research and to the New Hampshire Foodbank this weekend! I was able to donate 40 meals to children and families who need them most and $50 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I would encourage everyone to help support one of these causes in your local community or nationally. Every little bit counts!
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