Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Peace out student loan!

I paid off my student loan yesterday!

The student loan was the last loan besides my mortgage that I had left. I've debated paying this off for a while as I've had the money but didn't want to take the hit in my savings. That changed yesterday when I finally decided that not paying the interest on that loan was the better option. With the loan being paid off I now have that payment as extra money which I can put towards my savings. I calculated that after four pay periods I'll be back to where I was yesterday, not that I'm in a bad position today by any means. I'm just anal about my money.

I'm a pretty fortunate guy. I've made extremely good financial decisions my whole life which is why I'm in this position. Budgeting has always been a great strength of mine. We don't owe on anything, we have no vehicle payments, we own our camper, and we have gone to Disney World three times in the last two years without having to finance the trips.

My next financial goal is to chop our mortgage. One extra payment a year will cut seven years but I want to do better. I'd like to put as much money as possible to the principal so that I can knock that off in the next ten-fifteen years. I do not want to pay a mortgage for thirty-years!
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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Moving up.. Literally

Erin and I started planning for baby #2 in the spring when we built a fourth bedroom into our home. The plan was for us to move upstairs to the master bedroom/bath and be directly across from the baby's room. Originally, the upstairs was a master suite but we took the back half of the living area and made it the fourth bedroom. I like what we've done but I've been dreading the move.

I liked being downstairs because we were in a central location. Our pellet stove is in the basement and our bedroom was directly above it. I liked that because if anything went wrong I would know about it and quick. Now, I'm debating if I even want to use the stove as a primary source of heat this winter. What I'm thinking is that we'll use it only if we're downstairs rather than heat the whole house with it. Oil prices went way down this year and are expected to drop again later in the summer so I'm all for giving that a go. Eventually, I'd like to take the pellet stove out completely, build a wall, and put either a baseboard zone in or a propane fire place.

The other issue is that Lily is alone on the main floor of the house. It sounds so much worse than it really is but it's a concern. Luckily, we have Chloe around to keep an eye on things, not to mention I have a security camera system, driveway sensors, and a top of the line monitor should something ever go wrong! I actually liked the old space and probably would have stayed there if I had the choice but Erin really wanted to get in the master bedroom and we really needed to move up there before the baby came so that Lily could get used to not having us a wall away.

We spent about four hours this afternoon moving. We lugged a full size bed downstairs from the master which used to be the guest room and we lugged our queen up. We swapped out all the furniture and moved tons and tons of clothes up and down. The master has a giant walk-in closet which we were using for storage so we had to move the storage stuff into the knee wall. Once we got all the clothes moved in though, it looked great!

We had a 10,000 BTU air conditioning unit up there which kept the whole house cool but I knew that if we moved up there we couldn't keep that on all day or we'd freeze. I went out to WalMart and picked up new unit for the downstairs. I figure between the two we'll be in good shape. We can set the one in our room on auto and leave the new one running. A/C isn't just good for keeping the house cool it works wonders on people like me who have seasonal allergies and can't breathe when the air is thick.

All that being said, we've officially made the move.. what's next...? Well, you know.
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