Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy Birthday!

Hard to believe but Chloe is seven years old today! We picked Chloe up in 2008 after finding an ad in the newspaper for yellow lab pups. At the time, her mother Molly was three years old. Chloe was one of two girls in the litter of seven. The other girl was a white haired lab. Over the years, Chloe has been a great dog! We've had our share of problems (cruciate ligament tear, re-tear, hot spots, etc) but having her around and watching the property has been great! She's seven years old and hasn't slowed down yet.

Lily turns three years old tomorrow! Yes, they were so close to being born on the same day. We actually thought it was going to happen but unfortunately it didn't so instead they have back-to-back birthdays. We're having a party for Lily Saturday at the house!
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Sunday, May 17, 2015


Lily went to Grandma's this weekend and here's a little sample of what we got done!

Cleaned out our flower beds, added new flowers, and mulch!

Created a new fire pit for the backyard!

Put together Lily's new big girl bed!
Overall, a very productive weekend!
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