Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We don't watch a lot of TV but when we do...

We don't watch a lot of TV in our house but when we do there's only two channels we watch; PBS and Disney Junior! Occasionally, depending on what's on I'll switch over to the Disney channel. The Disney channels, especially Disney Junior, are great because I don't have to worry about the content of the shows when I leave the room. I know that everything is both appropriate and educational. Oh and it doesn't hurt that it's going to make a trip to Disney World with Lily extra special when she gets to see her favorite TV characters! Here's a list of her favorites... what are yours!?






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Monday, April 20, 2015

Coral Reef Restaurant

During our 2015 trip to Disney World we spent some time trying to find the perfect sit down restaurant. We were looking for a place that was nice, unique, and had good food. I spent some time scanning the My Disney Experience app and I came across the Coral Reef Restaurant in Epcot.

The restaurant is located beside NEMO and it’s almost hidden. You actually have to walk around to the back of the attraction and there’s a somewhat hidden entry way. We made our reservations that morning using the app and when we arrived I was a bit skeptical. You walk into this hallway and on the left side there’s a desk where a cast member asks everyone who checks in if they have a reservation. If they don’t, she turns them away. If they do, she sends them down the hall where there’s a few seats along the wall—but it’s mostly a crowd of people sitting on the floor waiting to be taken into the restaurant to be seated. I was skeptical because I thought the arrangement was a bit awkward but at the same time I just figured well, the seating area will make it worth it.

We waited about ten minutes until the waiter came out to seat us. As we entered the restaurant, I got excited. It was much better than I had expected! I had envisioned a restaurant with fish tanks built into the walls all around but I was so wrong. The aquarium that you enter following the NEMO ride is the tank that surrounds the restaurant! Not only that, but it’s huge! In the restaurant, you feel like you’re under water. We were fortunate to have a table right up front where we got to see the fish right up close. At one point, a diver got into the tank to feed them and that was a really neat thing to see as well!

We ate at three different restaurants during the trip; Cinderella’s Royal Table, Sci-Fi Dine in Theatre, and Coral Reef and the service at Coral Reef was by far the best. Cinderella’s Royal Table was a close second but the waitress we had at Coral Reef was excellent. She made the experience extra special by offering to take our photo and she did a wonderful job taking care of us. She got us new drinks before we had to ask, she did a great job explaining the menu and explaining items we could mix and match, and when it came time for dessert she told us about new items that weren't on the menu. One thing about her that I really liked was that she had a great personality. She asked us where we were from and showed a real interest in getting to know us.

In comparison to the food at CRT and the Sci-Fi Dine in, I had the best experience at Coral Reef. The food wasn’t bad at the other places and obviously I haven’t had everything on their menus but in terms of my experience—Coral Reef was definitely the best. First of all, when we got there they left us a basket of bread. Erin and I both love bread and butter! Above that though, we love having something to snack on to start us off. When we ordered, I got the Seared Rainbow Trout with cheese mashed potatoes and asparagus and Erin got the Lobster Manicotti. It was incredible! Everything was cooked to perfection! The cheese mashed potatoes were to die for and we both agreed that our overall meals were excellent, quite possibly the best trout I've ever had. For dessert, we shared an Olaf! An Olaf is a piece of ice cream cake sliced like a loaf of bread. It was GOOD! Poor Olaf!

If you’re looking for a nice unique dining experience with great service and good food, I would strongly recommend booking a reservation at the Coral Reef Restaurant during your next trip. I would recommend making the reservation far in advance and not waiting until the last minute like us, we were lucky. You can make reservations up to 180 days prior to your visit and Jenn can certainly help you do it.
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